ILGA World Conference, 18-22 March 2019, Wellington



The Wellington 2018 ILGA Wellington Conference bid has community support from:

Air New Zealand

Air New Zealand is pleased to be able to support the bid for ILGA 2018 in New Zealand.

With our proud history of celebrating diversity – we were excited to be able to host the first same-sex marriage at 30,000ft in 2013 with support from Jesse Tyler Ferguson. The atmosphere on board was incredibly festive and the applause following the couple's vows was heartfelt.

We are also always looking for new ways to go glam – from our world famous Mardi Gras flight complete with eyelashes and feather boa to engagement in the annual Auckland Pride Parade.

We look forward to the opportunities for collaboration with ILGA 2018.


Auckland Pride Festival Incorporated facilitates and promotes the delivery of the Auckland Pride Festival, which includes the largest Pride Parade in New Zealand.

Our goal is to develop the mana and standing of the Rainbow Communities by providing opportunities for the Rainbow Communities to create and participate in cultural, sporting and social events and activities under the umbrella of ‘Pride’.

We aim to foster an environment that celebrates Auckland and New Zealand’s culture, sexual orientation and gender diversity.


EquAsian is a volunteer organisation that aims to provide  support and information for Asian Rainbow people, and their friends, whanau, and those who work with them throughout Aotearoa, New Zealand.

We are run by Asians, for Asians, who are ages 16 and over. EquAsian provides support through peer-topeer social support service. Creating safe spaces for Asian people, such as social support groups, discussion groups, education workshops, and also online resources.

EquAsian is a space where respect is an integral component to ensure the well-being of our members are met through safety and acceptance. This means respect of sexual identities, gender diversity, romantic identities, cultural and ethnic identities. We are also body positive and condemn any kind of body shaming.

In the last two years we have become hugely successful among Asian rainbow community and will continue to grow in coming years.

Gender Minorities Aotearoa

Gender Minorities Aotearoa is a cross cultural and peer led organisation for transgender, Takatāpui, intersex, and other sex and gender minorities.

We advocate for human rights, access to health, and well being. We support the building of empowered communities and the end of violence, stigma, and discrimination.

The Lesbian & Gay Archives Of New Zealand Trust 

The Lesbian and Gay Archives of New Zealand Trust (LAGANZ) provides an archival repository for the personal papers of lesbians, gay, bisexual, trans and intersex (LGBTI) persons and organisations and for documents of historical interest.

These papers and related documents are accessed through New Zealand’s national documentary heritage collections of the Alexander Turnbull Library, within the National Library of New Zealand.

The 2016 ILGA Oceania conference and AsiaPacific Out games Human Rights Conference in 2011 were significant events for LAGANZ and the wider LGBTI community in Wellington.

The conference in 2011 was real eye opener in respect of bringing the world to Wellington.

The 2018 ILGA World Conference would be an opportunity to showcase/acknowledge what we in New Zealand have achieved and also what we can learn from the overseas delegates and the event itself. It would also be an opportunity to support LGBTI communities in other countries especially in the Pacific.

LAGANZ supports the bid for the 2018 ILGA World Conference to be held in Wellington.

Lesbian News Aotearoa

Lesbian News Aotearoa, as a national news website for lesbians and queer women in Aotearoa New Zealand, strongly supports the Wellington bid for the ILGA World Conference in 2018.

We work closely with the three organisations co-ordinating the bid, and are confident that they have the infrastructure, membership and knowledge to create an inclusive event that will highlight indigenous issues and identities from around the Pacific.

Same-sex love is illegal in many Pacific countries, and can be met with socially isolating and sometimes violent responses. The Pacific is also an area of unique gender identities, which have survived the repression of colonisation and are now flourishing.

Aotearoa/New Zealand has its own indigenous takatāpui tradition of socially accepted same-sex love and a strong, more recent, history of lesbian-feminist and Rainbow activism.

Wellington and the wider Pacific have much to contribute to the world conversation about Rainbow human rights.

Lesbian News Aotearoa is produced by a lesbian collective and is the online daughter of the Tāmaki Makaurau Lesbian Newsletter, which was published monthly from 1990 to 2014.

The website events page and the LNA Facebook page are updated daily, enabling excellent news support for the conference.

Members collectively have more than 100 years of experience with Rainbow communities around the country, and a long-term perspective on the growth and diversity of Rainbow politics.

Out At PSA

Out at PSA is the PSA's network for members of diverse genders and sexualities.

We aim to promote respectful, diverse and inclusive workplaces and public services. The PSA – the Public Service Association Te Pūkenga Here Tikanga Mahi –is New Zealand's largest union, representing nearly 62,000 workers in central government, state‑owned enterprises, local councils, health boards and community groups.


OUTLineNZ is the only nationwide 0800 telephone support, helpline and counselling service staffed by trained volunteers in New Zealand.

We also offer face to face counselling by qualified counsellors either in our offices or via skype. The organisation was established in 1972.

Wellington Gay Welfare

Wellington Gay Welfare has a long standing place in Wellington's local LGBTI community, we have helped organise plenty of conferences and have been involved with incredible events that have happened over the last 30 years.

Having ILGA World 2018 hosted in Wellington New Zealand would be something really beautiful for our community.

It would give us a fabulous opportunity to show off our little capital and all the magical things we have on offer.

Wellington Pride Festival

Wellington Pride Festival was extremely honoured to host ILGA Oceania’s Health and Human rights conference during our Pride festival earlier this year.

We loved seeing people from all around the world attending our events and having so much fun. We believe strongly in creating safe, inclusive spaces that really celebrate our community.

Wellington Pride Festival would love to see ILGA World here in 2018, because we know how amazing our community is and now we want to show it off to the world.

Holding Our Own (HOO)

Holding Our Own (HOO) is a safe supportive  space to deal with issues that worry parents or Whānau after a coming out. The coming out process can feel very threatening, scary, and has sometimes left parents and children depressed even suicidal. We focus on educating parents of LGBTQ children, of all ages, that family, love, support and acceptance is the safe base to start from or to come back too when life gets rough out there.  We challenge stereotypes and advocate for their LGBTQ child.